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Our Team of Experts

Claxton Productions believes that when it comes to learning, experts’ voices should be the most prominent in the room.

Claxton Productions provides experts with the formula to create long-lasting instructional films that students can benefit from for years to come.

We hope to help people around the world connect with experts in ways that were previously unavailable through our instructional videos and online experience.

Our team of creative experts specializes in producing, visualizing, and marketing instructional videos. Allowing for market penetration and increased exposure for the expert.

Our service help experts connect with their students, a global audience, and allows them to set themselves apart from their competition.

Why Experts Need

Claxton Productions

Constant Quality

Finding a team with the expertise to produce high-performing instructional videos can be a costly and time-intensive endeavor. Claxton Productions’ formula allows our team to outperform the competition in quality and customer service.

Revenue Sharing

Claxton Productions believes that experts should be compensated fairly for their time and knowledge. Providing competitive revenue sharing percentages, and upfront payment options.


Instructional videos are sold directly through an expert’s website, allowing for further control of brand image and customization with our creative team.


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