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Claxton Productions is a video production company based in Southern California, specializing in first-class interviews and instructional video production.

Our approach combines professional production with an effective process to create world-class instructional content.

We help experts document their expertise and knowledge using the highest quality equipment and animation styles available.

Our goal is to create timeless documentation of an expert’s wisdom in bite-sized chapters that students can learn from and enjoy for years to come, anywhere and at any time.

We increase an expert’s exposure as well as integrated sponsors by running target campaigns to students who would benefit from the expert’s lessons and creating a superior product to current educational videos in the market.


Our team has put together some of the best instructional videos in the clay shooting market and is currently expanding to other topics:
With thousands of copies sold, Anthony I. Matarese Jr. Sporting Clays Foundation and Advanced videos have been regarded as the highest quality instructional video created for the clay shooting market.
Three-time National Champion, Zachary Kienbaum Sporting Clays Foundation and Advanced videos take a fresh perspective on the topic, diving deep into what lessons he has picked up over his 30+ years competing in Sporting Clays while utilizing groundbreaking graphics and animations.
Coming in the fall of 2023, World Champion Geroge Digweed will be partnering with Claxton Productions to create his Sporting Clays Foundation and Advanced videos. He will also be partnering with Anthony I. Matarese Jr. to dive deeper into each shooter’s unique approach to shooting a course, while also going into the mental game like never before.

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